Camping toilet – vent instead of chemicals

Fresh breeze motorhome toilet
Nobody likes thick air, and certainly not in the motorhome. In order to contain odors, it can be either the chemical mace swing – or install a ventilation system.

Legal widespread are the ventilation systems of the company SOG Dahmann. The centerpiece is a fan, which creates a slight negative pressure in the cassette when opening the toilet slide. This creates a suction on the slide opening of the toilets and the room air is drawn. The drawing in the air acts like a shutter and thus prevents odorous gases that can rise out of the tank.

The power consumption of the SOG system is approximately 0.84 watts during use. The incoming air is filtered off and the newly formed vapors in the WC bowl. The decomposition process of the tank contents is accelerated by the increased supply of oxygen, so that one does not need more sanitary accessories. Toilet manufacturers recommend to use a care product for the seals anyway, since the venting alone does not protect the mechanical parts.

How does the toilet exhaust ventilation in the motorhome?
The functional principle of the odor of the toilet is the same in all SOG systems, the differences lies in the gas discharge to the outside.

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